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Posted on: September 30, 2009 2:30 pm

The '09-'10 Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns '09-'10 Season.. 

     Ok, I recently posted a hateful message about the Phoenix Suns on another blog and I want to recant.  I, like many other Suns fans, were deeply disappointed in last season's performance for many reasons: 
  • The 'firing' of Mike D'Antoni (call it what you will he was fired)
  • The hiring of that old TrailBlazer guy (Terry Porter)
  • Trying to play like a boring Eastern Conference team (except Boston and Cleveland)
  • Amar'e Stoudemire going down with his vaginal sandinitis
  • Steve Nash showing his age
  • Not making the playoffs
      I was upset.. (no that's not the word.. I was sick to my stomach and puking like the puppet from the movie Team America) mostly about one of the above things.  If you can't guess which one I will give you a hint Boring Eastern Conference.  Sure, I screamed when we were cheated out of the Finals by Robert WHOREee and the Pete Rose Ref.  Sure I was angry when we couldn't get to the finals to prove how much awesomitude (yes its a real word because I just made it up and you understand what I'm saying) the Suns had.  Sure, I wanted to even trade Steve Nash because you might as well get a 2nd round pick for him if he can't win.  But, (me starting a sentence with a conjunction..what? You don't pay me and aren't my editor) the thing that irritated me the most was the Suns turning from their run and fun style of play which could even keep the attention of the most ADHD people you know to the drab style of Porter (at least a good 'porter' is by the door so it wont take long for him to get thrown out of it).  I mean, they should have been called the Phoenix Black Holes because they sucked the light out of the room.
      I was spoiled and didn't really realize what I had here in the Valley of the Suns because I was too caught up in winning the championship.  I got away from the true spirit of sports..to have fun.  Yes my old teammates would kill me for saying such nonsense, but I really feel that I would rather watch the Suns play their upbeat style and barely miss the finals then even win a championship if it meant them playing like the mostly lifeless defense oriented teams of the East.  When I watch the NBA I want to be entertained...and folks the Suns from '04-'08 were the most entertaining team to watch in all of sports.  Robert Sarver and Steve Kerr jokes aside, I actually have a little hope for this season.  The Suns need to Get Back to Where They Once Belong or This Is The End Beautiful Friends.  The players and coaches have said in training camp they are dedicated to get back to their old style.  For the love of Buddha let's hope so.

All comments are welcome (unless you are a Lakers fan or a Spurs fan because you guys are hated by me and I am jealous Tongue out ).

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 2:56 pm

Back in the Day

It is not my intention to dishearten or disrespect any fan of the 'BIG 4" in Arizona...but come on!  What used to be the most fun teams to watch because of their offensive genius (or geniusi for plural) have all melted in a disgraceful downright dejected loathsome trickle of what used to be...these teams give the term 'back in the day' some street cred.

Let's talk the Phoenix Coyotes first.. Remember back in the day when Jeremy Roenick and Keith Tkachuk used to fly on the ice scoring at will against fun opponents?  Now we have that one guy and what's his name hoping the goalie gets distracted by Wayne Gretzky's Voodoo spells.

Oh and let's talk about the younger brother of the valley the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I remember back in the day (two years ago haha) when these kids played with class and a youthful energy that was disappointed if they had less than 10 hits per game.  Now it seems they discovered they can get into bars without having to use a fake ID and are constantly hungover.  I mean these guys don't even crack smiles anymore or show any energy like they are suffering from post Patron Silver blues syndrome (ppsbs its a real term..at least it should be).  And I can't wait for the manager at a post game interview to just lose it and throw stuff a la Dennis Green and say how the team sucks.. yeah right.

Next up are YOOOUUUUURRRR Phoenix Suns... well they aren't really yours anymore they belong to Steve Kerr and Robert Sarver.  They were so bent on destroying the most exciting team to ever play in the NBA... yes I said it THE MOST EXCITING EVER... that they have become my least favorite of the four and I almost can care less if they fail.  Honestly, ask yourself this question... would you give up ever having a world championship for the old Suns to come back and play like they did or keep these boring whining has beens with no hope for a single sell out game (except when Kobe or Lebron come).  I am so fed up with this organization for their failures to provide me with entertainment that I refuse to go to any games or watch them this upcoming year.. I could be more entertained watching the paint chip from my garage doors.

Then there is the Arizona Cardinals.  I am leary to post anything negative about them because of the great year they had in '08.  I mean afterall they have only played one game this season.. but where was the offense?  They were the inspiration for this blog ... let's hope they at least can prove me wrong so I don't move to East Guam to get away from this place.

In summary the offense in Arizona has become ... well offensive.

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